What's my model?

You can check which MacBook model you own by reading the fine print text on the back of your MacBook. Your MacBook model will begin with 'A' followed by some numbers, this way we can assure that your new MacBook skin will fit exactly to size.

MacBook Air 11 inch: A1465 A1370
MacBook Air 13 inch: A1466 A1369
MacBook Pro 13 inch: A1278
MacBook Pro 13 inch: A1279
MacBook Pro 15 inch: A1286
MacBook Pro Retina 13 inch: A1502 A1425
MacBook Pro Retina 15 inch: A1398
MacBook Pro 13 with Touch Bar: A1706 A1989 A2159
MacBook Pro 13 no Touch Bar: A1708
MacBook Pro 15 with Touch Bar: A1707 A1990
MacBook Air 13 with Touch ID: A1932
MacBook Pro 16: A2141
MacBook Pro 13" (2020) = A2289 / A2251
MacBook 12" = A1534