Our Story

Before our world was lit up with the beauty of bright decals and custom console skins, two gamers were battling their way through FIFA 16. As the night wore on and the next game was loading up, they looked at the PlayStation 4, looked at each other and then back at the PlayStation 4 again. The plain, black boring PlayStation.

They had an epiphany.

Wouldn’t it be good if the PS4 could be customized with their favorite club colors? The idea excited them so much that the FIFA game was quickly abandoned while they worked on the concept.

The idea of being able to put their favorite club onto their console quickly firmed up when they hit upon the solution of using a high-quality vinyl wrap. Embossing the vinyl with the crest of their club, they realized it would be possible to completely transform consoles with PS4 skins.

Once they’d tested their concept and knew they were onto a winner they decided to expand the idea to different designs, creating custom PS4 console skins in a range of designs.

And that’s how Decal Kings was born.

Our Mission

The idea of colored PS4 skins was just the beginning; very quickly the duo decided to experiment with other consoles too. They started to design Xbox skins which were a resounding success before moving on to Nintendo Switch skins too.

Their high-quality vinyl wraps were an enormous hit with the market who hadn’t seen anything quite like it before. The twosome decided it was time to dip their toe into the waters beyond games consoles and began to create MacBook stickers and skins for cell phones too.

Decal Kings started in Australia in 2016, on that dark winter evening, inspired by a game of FIFA. The two gamers which started with such a simple idea now have the ambition to keep pushing the envelope of innovation and creating custom skins, stickers and wraps for more and more products.

Custom controller skins have been the latest creation to join the fold, bringing personalized design right into the player’s hand. Compared to a dreary plain black color, who wouldn’t want a more exciting controller for play?

Decal Kings aren’t stopping there though; they have a vision to expand to offer custom skins for any device. This ultimate goal isn’t quite accomplished yet but Decal Kings are committed to continuing product development. From a comfy sofa to becoming an international company with customers in many countries, Decal Kings have proven time and again that they offer quality, affordability and innovation. Keep watching this space to find out what comes next!