Looks are important

Not only is appearance alluring to the eyes, but it represents a status symbol and expresses uniqueness. Looks are essential on electronic devices too.

A MacBook, like an iPhone, is a prestige symbol in many countries. A status symbol is a visible and outward indication of one's social position. It visually measures one's economic or social status. Many high-end expensive items are also seen as status symbols. At first glance, MacBook's look thin and fragile
but are strong and reliable. Unfortunately, the MacBook only comes in solid grey or silver colour. The simple exterior expresses no individuality nor is thought-provoking to the imagination.

You can make your MacBook stand out from the crowd besides adding stickers that make it look random or dull. By getting a MacBook decal you can make your device look more luxurious, fashionable, and elegant.

The Decal Kings created the Terracotta Collection that transforms a plain and boring MacBook exterior into a visual masterpiece.

MacBook skins are an essential everyday accessory for college students and professionals. The Terracotta Collection are personalized decal stickers that add a layer of style and personality to your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Various custom MacBook decals call out your aesthetic appeal that reflects your unique personal style and fashion too.

The device's appearance isn’t the only important factor. The Decal Kings made sure the MacBook skins protect your device from dust, dirt, and finger marks. It is also made from high-quality vinyl wrap that prevents air bubbles and scratches.

What kind of MacBook Pro or MacBook Air skins are available?

The Terracotta Collection by the Decal Kings are available in lively colours and geometric shapes that are original and eye-popping.

Black Smoky MacBook Skin

This MacBook skin will have your device looking as chic as ever.

“I love this product! Love this marble skin for my MacBook. I did a lot of comparisons with other websites that were also selling marble skins but this one looked the best and most authentic to actual marble.” Sarah, customer

The Terracotta collection has selections of customized skins that embody contemporary art, earthy tones, and elegance that mirrors an expensive and glamourous canvas right into your hands.

July 29, 2021 — Aleksandar Mitrevski